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It is very easy to keep children focused and disciplined when they’re been supervised or looked upon. But the true success of any education program can be calculated only when they practice the skills learned at school either at home or in a playground without any supervision or guidance.

Summer is that time of the year when children do not actively practice their reading, spelling, or mathematical skills. During this time, many children go through what is referred to as the “summer slide”.
As a consequence, these skills tend to decline.

So rather than allowing a summer slide, if we engage kids in activities where they can explore and experience new things even when the school is not in session can be very crucial for their development and growth. Summer Camps can offer a unique venue for children to grow by participating in a variety of activities where they can develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. They are a great choice for children and parents.

Summer camps at Central Montessori School help your child to explore the world, learn new things, make friends, and enjoy the summer. At the same time, you can also remain calm while you are at work because your child will be under the best guidance and supervision. The different themes featured at summer camps help children learn to appreciate nature, giving them the opportunity to spend more time outside and practice skills learned at school. For these reasons and more, summer camp programs can be a perfect choice for kids and parents over the summer!

We believe that summer camps provide numerous benefits to your child during the summer. Here are just a few of them:


Learn, play and use your imagination

Camp programs intellectually engage children in a fun and exciting way. Kids can participate in sports, games, arts and crafts, group activities and so much more!
Rather than sitting idle and unsupervised at home, your child will be with kids of different ages, getting outside, learning about the world, and constantly engaging in something fun and interesting. They will be in an environment which will allow them to learn, play, and use their imagination.

Avoid the Summer Slide

Summer camps at CMS are very helpful in making sure children avoid the summer slide. All of our summer camp programs are specially designed to keep the brain and important skills active during the summer months.

No break in the learning process

Many children stop engaging in learning when summer starts and school ends. But if you enroll them in a summer camp, one of the best advantages is that the kids get the chance to engage in physical activities, instead of spending too much time in front of a screen.

Kids need a break from school, to have fun, be with friends, and use their imagination. Thus, the summer camp at CMS School doesn’t let your child’s learning process stop. It allows them to keep learning and growing while also having fun.

Build rewarding friendships

Summer camp is a great way for children to make new acquaintances and form friendships with children of different ages while enhancing important social skills such as leadership and collaboration. Also, kids the opportunity to meet and bond with other children who share similar interests and hobbies. Thus, summer camps are the perfect place to build their social skills and build rewarding friendships.

Enhances teamwork and cooperation

Knowing how to work in a team is a useful life skill. Through teamwork, children learn that often they are able to accomplish more as a group rather than on their own.
As a plus, Teamwork is one of the most significant aspects of summer camp. Here, children learn how to work on different tasks and accomplish their goals together. 

Overall development of Kids

During summer camp, children often have the opportunity to learn, play, and explore the natural environment. Physical movement enhances gross and fine motor skills in children and also gives them the opportunity to be more self-reliant and independent.
Thus, this becomes another important aspect that makes a summer camp program more appealing.

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