About Central Montessori School

Central Montessori School is a co-educational day school for children aged 18months to 6 years old. Montessori Toddlers to Kindergarten classes have been in existence since 2003 offering a child centered approach to learning in classes of around 10 to 24 children, with its dedicated staff and excellent facilities.

It has been our pleasure to be part of this exciting and thriving community. We are continuing to grow and our purpose is to produce a high standard of academic achievement in a caring and friendly environment.

Arrangements to view the school are welcome. Please E-mail or Contact us to find a convenient time for a school tour and interview.

Mission Statement

Central Montessori School is an independent school dedicated to promoting a broadly-based appropriate education in which all children will be equally valued and encouraged to fulfil their aspirations and potential. It pledges to offer a structured and challenging environment that strives for academic excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of school life.



Sports give such great life lessons to kids, that the latters weightiness in a child’s overall development surpasses the bountiful health benefits.Notwithstanding the life lessons sports will teach your toddlers, it’ll make them become more confident , create friendships, become more social and  create them as happier people.


Language is one of the most important skills you acquire as a preschooler. It bridges the gap between knowledge and your kids.To inherit what they’ll see and to know how they’d do, a language becomes inevitably important. It is also the key element in acquiring the best education at school.
English lessons thereby will make them familiar with a lot that awaits them in their journey ahead.

Art and Craft

“At its essence,art is alchemical.And  alchemy is a process of transformation”
Art is an unspoken language.It is a way of expressing emotions and feelings as it is a profound communication.It is to open the soul of the child to play, for good, the light.

Jewelry making

Since we help them evolve, we do not stick with one method of teaching. We use diverse ways which help your children think critically, work together and learn at their own pace.
Jewelry making is one such craft which is a fun activity to do with kids plus it allows them to express their creativity and at the end surprise themselves with what they could create. 


Cooking can be another level of fun with kids.It’s fantastic to give them some great homemaker skills, enhance their confidence and unveil the hidden master chefs in them. Helping in the kitchen can even allure the most chaotic eaters to try something new and maybe add a new ability to their untapped potentials.

Fossil making

Fossil making is an adventuresome activity for children and they enjoy doing it while pretending like they are on an archeological dig or a real life expedition! Such activities promote a joy of learning in them with boosted interests as well as fun.


Dance has the ability to reignite a soul. But imagine how much wonder it could create with a one already afresh.Kids love dancing. It gives them a platform to exhibit their unrestrained zeal.Though your child doesn’t have to become a master dancer, but there are too many advantages that can’t be ignored.

Hip hop class

Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression.They should be free to follow their interests and work on them and CMS is always there to help them on this journey. 

Ballet class

There’s a lot to love about ballet.The beauty of it lies in the fact that it’s training teaches children so much more than just how to dance or perform on stage. Some of the skills like hard work, discipline and dedication strictly demanded of ballet dancers are of profound importance in the real world. So let us assist you in shaping your toddlers into better citizens.


Gymnastics class is sufficient for developing a kid’s balance, basic motor skills, and coordination. This class incorporates a variety of equipment including tumbling, mats, mini trampoline, bars, balance beams, wedges, vault blocks, balance board, excessive balls, soccer, t-ball, hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, ribbon wands, and so much more! We follow the USA Gymnastics preschool and beginning guidelines. Come join us as we promote healthy hearts and strong bodies through fun and fitness!

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