I have read countless reviews online of why parents chose to send their child to a specific school but realized  I’ve never read too much of why a teacher has chosen a specific school.
Montessori teachers must complete a specific teacher training which allows them to become Montessori Teachers. Two years of a rigorous workload worth the hard work and effort because each teacher understands the importance of the Montessori Method for young children.
After receiving my Montessori Credential I had worked at a lovely school in Virginia for five years. I had the opportunity to learn and grow not only as a teacher but as a person.
When moving back to California where I grew up I understood that finding a new place that I as a teacher could call home would take some work. I noticed very big schools with a large number of people in the office , Teachers not really knowing each other and furnishings that resembled a bank lobby more than a Children’s House.
I longed for a place that felt personal, a place where you would have control over your classroom and how your opinion as an educator mattered.
Central Montessori Schools became that home for me. Feeling appreciated as an educator is very important and makes a huge difference. We love our children and feel supported which means the world. When teachers feel supported and excited about their jobs the energy is always shared with the children. 
Having meetings to share ideas and teachers helping one another can be rare but is the backbone of this school. The first thing you learn at your Montessori Training is to respect the child in every way and when you feel fully respected as an educator you know you have found the right place.
Ms. Mariam Anayat 

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