While cherry-picking the best early childhood education method for your children, you may find quite a lot of options as many different methods of learning have been discovered over the years. Children process information and thoughts in a different manner plus learn differently. So loosely we have a handful of methods and theories which can be practised in Montessori classrooms.
One such method was established in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Montessori system of education is prima facie development-focused method that doesn’t lays emphasis on grades of a child rather it includes child centric education that eliminates the pressure on a student and embraces his/her personality. It is an education method that includes child-oriented activities.  The aim of Montessori education is that children are more willing to learn when they have the freedom to choose what they want.

The educators at CMS inspire freedom among their learners. We focus on the child with activities that are led by themselves. The Montessori education system is aimed at ameliorating children by making them learn best in their own way and at their own pace. This may be the most suitable primary education for your kids. Thus, it is very significant to consider all the advantages which CMS will render to make the ride of your child worthwhile.

1. Envisioned at building relationships.

Montessori schools focus on creating socially adept and mature students. Social interaction among the students is yet another advantage of the Montessori method of education. Grouping children of different age groups together in the same environment tends to give more learning opportunities to children as it authorises children to learn from each another, communicate effectively one and improve other life skills. Therefore, peer to peer activities are promoted.

Factually, apart excelling in everything else – the social and behavioural skills of a Montessori child was exceptional when compared to students in regular traditional schools.

2. Development of important skills. 

This method stimulates learners to improve and develop in numerous life skills such as communication skills, attitudes, social and emotional intelligence quotients, character or personality traits, career attributes etc that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform efficiently and achieve their goals. All these things provide learners with the chance to improve their coordination and cooperation.

3. Active Personal Participation.

One of the major advantages under Montessori method is the hands-on learning or active personal participation. The classrooms are designed to have adequate natural lighting with necessary space. This is done to provide children with a beautiful and friendly atmosphere. Thus, this well-designed environment helps children to understand complicated things in a more simplified manner. The use of objects and other aids in the classrooms is done for the purpose of better understanding. These are very important parameters to attain the goal of the specific learning method.
   This education system helps children to develop into better individuals, explore different activities, inherit important life lessons, and learn things that build upon their expertise, and give them an outshining personality.

4. Makes them more competent and independent.

It is a type of education system that innate a sense of freedom and self confidence in a child. It develops creativity in their abilities. Provides them with apt knowledge and make them competent in the chores of life. Montessori education system enable students to work and think more freely. Montessori students tend to outperform traditional students.

5. An Environment that builds them.

This education system renders an extra ordinary environment for children where they can learn with fun and enthusiasm. The Montessori education system provides multi-age learning environment in a unique and enticing way. The children are provided with ample amount of opportunities to learn, brush their social skills, communicate more confidently, lead and enhance their emotion skills. One great thing about this learning environment is that it permits learners to work, grow and learn at their own pace.

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