Starting at a new school or job can be an emotionally complex process at any age. However, children may be confused about how to integrate into a new environment. Therefore, parents can apply techniques from the Montessori method to help convey a sense of calm to children during this new stage.

As we’ve seen in previous articles, the Montessori method can be applied in different areas of everyday life, beyond being a form of learning. For this reason, we present some tips that you can implement to help your child adapt to a new school.

How to Help a Child Adapt to a New School

It’s normal for children to be irritable or depressed during the first days of starting a new adventure in an unfamiliar place. While a child’s reaction will depend on their age and the relationships they had with their former classmates, most children go through a stage of confusion when they don’t know how to relate to their new peers, especially those who are introverted. At Central Montessori Schools (CMS), we provide a relaxed and ideal environment for new students to feel comfortable. Additionally, they can participate in various integration activities that make the adaptation process more comfortable and easy.

In this case, the Montessori methodology can be a very useful tool to help the child adapt to their new space. This is because this technique allows the child to explore their environment at their own pace and without pressure. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to develop their social skills through observation.

Some tips to help the child include:


One of the most important elements for helping your child through the adaptation process is communication. Maria Montessori, the creator of the Montessori method, pointed out that communication is a key part of children’s development. This is because they can understand that they are starting a new stage.

You can start by telling your child that they will be going to a different school where they will meet new friends and continue their development process.

Allowing Emotional Expression

The Montessori method allows the child to learn about their capacities and limitations on their own. Therefore, it is important to let the child express how they feel about the school change. In fact, if they can already write and identify emotions, you can use an emotions journal for the child to note down everything they feel about the new stage they are about to begin.

For younger children or those who cannot yet write, you can use emotion puppets to help the child indicate what they are feeling at the moment. Remember that the Montessori method promotes development with elements close to reality. Therefore, ensure that the puppets or drawings show emotions that resemble those of everyday life.

Encouraging Exploration

The Montessori method helps children explore their surroundings at their own pace and without pressure. In this case, you can take your child to the new school before the school year starts so they can get to know the place where they will be taking their classes. Some schools even have introductory activities to help children start interacting with their peers. Additionally, the child will feel more comfortable seeing how their classmates interact.

At CMS, we provide a pleasant environment and trained teachers to help the child feel free to develop their skills and learn surrounded by elements that promote their growth. In fact, at CMS, we invite new students to visit the classroom for a week before their formal entry, allowing them to interact for short periods (20 to 30 minutes) to further ease the transition.

Providing Security

As a parent, it is important to provide security to your child so they feel good about starting at a new school. If your child sees that you are worried or anxious about how they will do at school, they may feel unprepared for this stage, leading to discouragement before they even start.

Therefore, try to remain calm about the new school. Additionally, if your child begins to have concerns about their new classmates or how they will perform, you can share your own school experiences and encourage them to feel confident.

Finding a School that Meets Needs

Finally, another tip is to find a school that meets your requirements or aspirations for your child’s education and social environment. If you are interested in a Montessori school, you can look for options that are within your reach to apply this methodology to your child’s education.

Remember that at Central Montessori Schools, we have a specialized program to help children become focused, independent, and innovative students, as well as responsible, respectful, and conscious individuals.


Changing schools can be a difficult process for children if a calm and secure environment is not provided. As a parent, it is important to offer your trust and support so your child does not feel discouraged before attending the new school. Additionally, you should allow your child to express their emotions and feelings to help them identify how they feel and support them during the adaptation process. Remember that communication, exploration, and acceptance are essential throughout this stage.

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